Northampton boy with severe eczema gets on his bike for charity

Eczema is so severe Reagan’s skin weeps and cracks… but he wants to give back to the charity that helps him

Monday, 9th May 2022, 7:30 am

A boy with eczema so severe his skin weeps and cracks will get on his bike to raise money for the charity that helped him and thousands of other children with the skin condition.

Reagan Mccrystal, aged six, was diagnosed with eczema when he was just a baby and over the years has tried countless treatments for the condition. His skin can get so bad that he has been hospitalised with infected eczema that turned into painful abscesses, and he has to wear gloves constantly to keep his sensitive hands from flaring up.

Reagan, a year two pupil from Northampton, also suffers from several allergies including dairy and grass which can further irritate his skin but he never lets his condition get him down.

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Reagan when he was younger during a flare

Mum Kellyanne said: "Reagan has a terrible time with his skin but he never complains or lets it get to him, he is always so positive and happy.

"He can get skin flares so easily and it's hard to know what has caused them. Things like a different washing powder can cause his eczema to spread all over his body and it is incredibly itchy for him. He can scratch himself raw in his sleep during a flare and can take days to get his skin back under control."

He can wake several times in the night with painful skin and has to have special medicated cream applied several times a day, including throughout the school day. He can only have certain fabrics against his skin and is currently wearing special gloves all day long in an effort to help his chapped, sore hands.

While eczema affects one in five children, only a small percentage are affected to the extent of children like Reagan.

Reagan during a flare

"Reagan can feel quite alone in his condition since there isn't any other child at his school affected by eczema to the extent he is so finding Eczema Outreach Support has been great.”

EOS is a UK charity for children and young people with eczema which supports over 3000 families. The charity organise family get-togethers, host online events with skin experts and allow families to connect to one another and feel less alone.

Now Reagan will take on a cycle challenge for EOS to give back to the charity and help other children with the condition. He will cycle on May 21 as part of the Move 5 to Help Kids with Eczema Thrive, a challenge since exercise can make his skin worse.

Kellyanne said: "He is determined to give back, even although sport can cause his skin to flare. It's so hard for him because he just wants to be a little boy but his skin affects every minute of his life.”

Reagan now with big brother Riley (10)

Christine Roxburgh, CEO of EOS said: "The whole EOS team is backing Reagan on his cycle.

"We hear from families all the time that having eczema can feel isolating and we are here to help people feel less alone.

"Eczema is a life long condition that can often be misunderstood but EOS aims to connect families and support them on their eczema journey."

You can sponsor Reagan on his cycle at

Reagan with his bike ready for his challenge