Former Northamptonshire teacher aims to ‘revolutionise’ mental health training in UK schools with new programme

“We need to radically transform mental health support in schools – not just for children but for teachers too.”

A former Northamptonshire teacher has launched a new UK-wide programme that aims to improve mental health support in schools - not just for children, but for school leaders and educators too.

International mental health coach trainer, Sam Moinet, used to teach at Sponne School in Towcester and is the founder of Educators Coaching Academy (ECA).

To mark the official launch of the new ECA programme, teachers and educators will be invited to a free coaching workshop - one of these schools is Sponne.

International mental health coach trainer and ECA founder, Sam Moinet.

Sam said: I’ve been a teacher and worked in education since 2013, so I understand the pressures and frustrations educators face and the lack of support available.

“Through my own experiences and listening to the teachers I work with now, a lack of time, knowledge and relevant training makes it extremely difficult to help young people manage their emotions.

“There are also common barriers that stop students reaching their full potential such as anxiety, low motivation and self-esteem and this is why effective mental health coaching can have such a profound impact.”

The workshop at Sponne School will feature talks from teachers and former students and will allow educators to learn coaching techniques and trial apps to help them overcome their own emotions and communicate with young people on a deeper level.

Former Towcester teacher wants to revolutionise mental health coaching in schools for both educators and pupils.

It is the first in-person event run by the ECA and comes at a crucial time in the academic calendar, with many teachers feeling the strain of mock exams and supporting their students to transition into higher year groups and new schools.

The latest 2021 report by Education Support into teacher wellbeing found that 77 percent of teachers experienced symptoms of poor mental health due to their work, 72 percent are stressed and 42 percent think their working environment has a negative impact on their mental health.

Geography teacher at Duston School, Mark Bidwell, recently undertook a course through the ECA.

Mark said: “I’ve been bowled away with the changes it has brought personally – from the very first training session where I opened up about some difficult experiences in a previous school, I have felt supported and cared about.

“The strategies we now use with our students have been equally beneficial for me and I feel stronger taking on the continued, relentless demands of teaching.”

Sam recently ran a free online workshop to support this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, which was attended by more than 40 teachers across the country.

Sam said: “These workshops are just the beginning. We need to radically transform mental health support in schools – not just for children but for teachers too. I feel very passionately that this is something that’s been missing in the industry and I aim to change that.”

The Education Evolution: Life changing, coach training for teachers event at Sponne School in Towcester on Thursday 23 June at 4pm is aimed at both new teachers and experienced educators.

Places are limited and will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.