Fight against care home expansion continues

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Opponents to a plan to significantly expand a rural care home are pledging to continue their fight, after wrongly believing their campaign had been a success.

St Matthews Healthcare wants to expand Broomhill, in Holdenby Road, Spratton, from 15 beds to 99.

Campaigners against the plans thought they had achieved their goal when the application was withdrawn, but St Matthews Healthcare re-submitted it shortly after.

Paul Honeywell, who lives next door to Broomhill, believes the re-submission is an attempt to counter letters of objection.

He said: “We have put several hundred letters in, and I think the council will have to take notice of the sheer level of objection.

“By putting it in again, all of these letters will not be counted. But we will re-rally and get even more people to write in. Everyone is ready.”

St Matthews Healthcare director, Sean Sidhu-Brar, said: “It is moving along. I am not dealing with it too much now, as it has got too personal. I have consultants dealing with it at the moment.”

A Daventry District Council spokesman said: “The original application was quite old and out-of-date so we asked the applicant if they would withdraw it and then re-submit it with the revised alterations.

“The new application is currently being validated.”

St Matthews Healthcare plans to expand the site at Broomhill from 15 beds to 99.

Spratton Parish Council formally objected to the plans at a meeting in September last year.

Objections from the public include the size of the building, its sustainability, its impact on the landscape, whether the plan offers any local benefit and the amount of traffic which would access it.

Opponents to the development believe it doesn’t meet planning guidelines, and is likely to be rejected on this basis.