School places in West Northamptonshire: The hardest primary schools to get into in 2023

Just over 93 percent of primary-aged pupils across the area secured a place at their top choice school

A record number of primary-aged pupils across England received a place at their preferred school for the 2023/24 academic year.

Nationally, some 92.5 percent of pupils were offered their first choice, up from 92.2 precent in 2022/23 and the highest figure since 2014/15.

However, there was also a record low number of applications, with just 568,560 children fighting for the school places nationwide.

Across West Northamptonshire, 93.3 percent of 4,480 children secured a place at their top choice primary school.

Here are the primary schools in West Northamptonshire which were hardest to get into, based on Department of Education figures showing the proportion of families putting it as their first choice who were successful in getting a place.