Northampton school confirms that social media bullying storm was based on false allegation

Northampton School for Girls
Northampton School for Girls

A Northampton school has issued a statement saying a mum who alleged on Facebook over the weekend that her daughter's ponytail was sheared off at the school made a mistake.

The Northampton School for Girls pupil - who the Chron has decided not to name - told her mum her ponytail had been cut off with scissors in a bullying attack on school premises.

Fearing that her daughter's complaint wasn't being taken seriously by teachers, the mum posted photos on Facebook that attracted hundreds of negative comments about NSG and was shared a number of times.

However, the school has approached the Chronicle & Echo to request we publish a statement making clear that the incident in question did not happen at school.

Carly Waterman, NSG's deputy head, said: "We are pleased to confirm that an allegation of bullying made on social media over the weekend was false.

"The incident referred to did not occur in school and the student and parent involved have confirmed that they made a mistake.

We are disappointed that false information of this nature was posted on a social media site and that it attracted so much attention.

"However, we are very grateful to all the students, parents, carers and members of the wider community who contacted us and offered their support. "