Northampton nursery suffers second scolding from Ofsted this year

Northampton nursery Tiny Horizons has been handed a second critical inspection report by Ofsted.
Northampton nursery Tiny Horizons has been handed a second critical inspection report by Ofsted.

A Northampton nursery has shown little improvement since it was warned by inspectors to fix a long list of serious problems in how it offers childcare.

Tiny Horizons Nursery School, in Park View, Moulton, was scolded in following a visit by Ofsted in April, who warned them that "poor teaching" meant children were not progressing as well as they could, and handed them the lowest rating available.

The watchdog ordered the daycare to improve in several areas and scheduled to revisit Tiny Horizons before the end of the year.

But now, just two months later, the nursery has failed to impress inspectors in its newest visit.

Instead, the watchdog found many of the nursery's weaknesses still at play and chided Tiny Horizons for new risks they found.

The report reads: "The manager [Leanne Kentish] has not addressed all weaknesses that were raised at the previous inspection. These weaknesses have a significant impact on children's welfare, learning and development.

"Continued weaknesses in leadership and management, safeguarding and the quality of teaching compromised children's safety and well-being."

The watchdog particularly noted how "a regular visitor" to the nursery took pictures of children when the nursery had no consent from parents to do this.

The report reads: "The provider has not sought consent from parents for a regular visitor to take photographs of children.

"[The manager] has not considered the importance of assessing the potential risk of harm to children associated with this regular activity. These weaknesses mean that children's safety is not assured."

The latest report also reveals how the watchdog received three complaints about Tiny Horizons in May.

Meanwhile, inspectors noted that parents were fond of the daycare. Staff were complimented on showing a caring nature towards their children and saw that children were well-behaved and happy.

Yet, as the report reads, "some staff lack a basic awareness of how children learn and develop. As a result, children's progress is poor".

Ofsted handed Tiny Horizons a list of areas such as safeguarding and risk assessments where it found faults and ordered the daycare to improve by August 28.

The nursery has been contacted for a comment.