How Northampton primary school children are marking anti-bullying week

Initiatives included wearing odd socks and learning anti-bullying songs

Friday, 19th November 2021, 8:19 am
Updated Friday, 19th November 2021, 8:20 am

A number of primary schools in Northampton have hosted initiatives this week to mark anti-bullying week.

Members of the David Ross Education Trust including Eastfield Academy, Briar Hill Primary School and The Arbours Primary Academy, took part in a campaign developed by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, including Odd Socks Day, which highlights the importance of acceptance and reassures pupils that it is OK to be 'different'.

Each school offered initiatives throughout the week (November 15 - 19) to continue the conversation.

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Anti-bullying initiatives have been held all week.

At Briar Hill, assemblies took place to discuss bullying and how to handle experiencing or witnessing any form of bullying.

The school also has ‘Wellbeing Champions’ who are pupil role models in school.

Dennis Tent, another Year 4 pupil at Briar Hill, said: "Odd Socks Day is the start of anti-bullying week. We wear Odd Socks because it helps us celebrate our differences in a fun way."

Pola Pawlak, a Year 4 pupil at Briar Hill, added: “I have taken part in Odd Socks Day because all socks are different as are we, we are unique and Odd Socks Day celebrates this."

Odd Socks Day at The Arbours.

Allan Crozier, teacher and care team lead at Briar Hill Primary School (BHPS), continued:

"Briar Hill remains united against bullying and we are seeking to raise awareness throughout our school community through a series of assemblies and activities.

“Knowing that our children understand what bullying is and what to do if they encounter this is essential to our children's personal development is one of the keys to creating a consistently safe environment like the one we have here at BHPS.

"Odd Socks Day marks the start of anti-bullying week and adds an element of fun to an important and serious topic. It is a chance for teachers and children to express themselves and celebrate individuality and what makes us all different and unique. It was fantastic to see our children and staff across the school take part in this."

At Eastfield Academy, pupils spent the week learning the song 'Andy and the Odd Socks', which is the official song of anti-bullying week.

During collective worship time, assemblies and PSHE lessons the focus was also on anti-bullying and the theme of 'One Kind Word.’

The Arbours also ran anti-bullying workshops in every class to give pupils an opportunity to discuss the meaning behind odd socks day, and to ask any questions they needed in order to feel as safe as possible in school.

Angela Watts, principal of The Arbours Primary Academy, added: "Inclusion is at the heart of all we do at The Arbours so we have enjoyed celebrating anti-bullying week this week.

“Through our broad and balance curriculum, we are preparing our children to be caring, responsible and empathetic human beings and we talk every day about being part of The Arbours Team.

“All of our children really enjoyed wearing their 'odd socks' to school to launch the week and our focussed learning through the week has helped all children reflect on their own happiness and safety.”