New year, new motor? Car buyers urged to put safety first

New year, new motor? Car buyers urged to put safety first
New year, new motor? Car buyers urged to put safety first
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Buyers have been urged to make safety their top priority when buying a used car.

More than eight million used cars were sold in 2016 – a new record.

The team at V12 Sports and Classics says it is vital buyers put safety first when choosing their vehicle.

A spokesperson said one of the first ways to do this was to carry out a proper test drive to spot any potential issues early.

“First and foremost, I would say don’t ever buy a car from a picture,” he said.

“Even if you fall in love with the look of a car you should always take it for a full test drive.

“Not just a putter around an industrial estate but at least a five or six-mile drive where you can put the car through its paces at different speeds.

“It is all well and good buying a T-shirt or a pair of shoes from a picture but you should never buy a car from a picture alone. You want to feel how it drives, test the brakes and the handling and to listen out for engine issues.”

Professional examination is also vital. V12 Sports and Classics is the only car supermarket in the UK that is professionally associated with the AA, and it offers an ‘inspect and protect’ package with every car sold.

“Every single one of our cars is inspected independently by the AA and we also offer a three-month warranty,” the team added.

V12 Sports and Classics provides its customers with a full summary of any issues raised by the AA check and how they have been corrected.

And the sales team urged other dealerships to be equally transparent and warned buyers to be cautious if information wasn’t provided.

“Anyone looking to buy a car, if the dealership isn’t forthcoming with information then there is a reason for it. Because of the nature of cars, not every car will have a full history but if they are reluctant to provide information it probably means they are hiding something.”

Anyone buying privately should stick to the same safety rules.

“If you buy a car privately take it to a local garage or take someone who you trust to look over it before committing,” he said.

V12 Sports and Classics is one of the fastest growing independent car supermarkets in the UK.

It offers more than 850 cars across three showrooms in Hinckley, Stoke-on-Trent and Wolverhampton – all subject to the AA’s safety checks.

For more information on how the team could help you find your dream car visit or pop into one of the showrooms.

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