Plans unveiled to convert former Aldi in busy area of Northampton into new supermarket and takeaway

Banners have gone up at the site that say the new supermarket is ‘opening soon’

By Logan MacLeod
Friday, 27th May 2022, 1:21 pm

Plans have been unveiled to convert a former Aldi in a busy part of Northampton into a brand new supermarket and takeaway.

Banners have gone up at the old Aldi supermarket in Harlestone Road, St James advertising a new supermarket 'opening soon'.

The banners say: "Umrah Supermarket opening soon - English, Eastern and European products."

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The former Aldi shop will become a new supermarket.

A planning application has also been submitted by director of Umrah Supermarket, Ismael Gareb, to West Northamptonshire Council to build an extension at the front of the building for a takeaway and seating area.

Planning papers say: "As the supermarket is rejuvenated from the former Aldi to a new European supermarket, the addition of this sleek, modern and high-quality extension will also rejuvenate the area.

"The proposed design is influenced by the client’s design to further improve the shopping experience, with an option for takeaway food. The external seating and large glass windows will allow customers of the takeaway to feel a part of the site.

"The opening hours will be compliant of those of similar uses locally."

Umrah describes itself as a “retail chain selling a range of grocery items from around the world including African and Caribbean, Asian and plenty more. Meat, dairy, fresh fruit and veg, and a bakery”.

According to Companies House, Umrah Supermarket is based in Leicester.

Umrah opened its first supermarket, which is in Leicester, in January this year.

Aldi closed its branch on Harlestone Road on October 6 with its replacement on Weedon Road opening the next day on October 7.