Plans unveiled to build solar farm the size of 98 football pitches between two Northamptonshire villages

The proposed development could provide a large source of renewable electricity over the next 40 years, according to planning papers

Friday, 26th November 2021, 10:56 am

Plans have been unveiled to build a solar farm the size of 98 football pitches in fields between two Northamptonshire villages.

Anesco Ltd has submitted plans to West Northamptonshire Council to build a 49-mega-watt solar farm on 70-hectares of land between Rothersthorpe and Gayton.

The plans propose the solar farm could provide renewable electricity to the National Grid over the next 40 years, with its close proximity to the existing grid connection being 'one of the main reasons' for its location.

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The two locations outlined in red are where the solar farms could be built

Planning papers say: "Once installed and fully operational, the development will have the potential to generate 49.72-mega-watts of electricity [renewable energy].

"Electricity produced by the proposed development will be exported to the National Grid. A suitable grid connection is therefore required and this can be achieved via the close proximity to the existing grid connection.

"The proposed development is inherently sustainable as it has been designed to serve its purpose, which is to provide a significant amount of renewable electricity over the next 40 years in a very sustainable manner."

More than 400 Gayton and Rothersthorpe residents were reportedly consulted by the applicant through leaflets, an online portal and webinars, but a public consultation was not held due to Covid restrictions.

In terms of its appearance, the applicant said the farm would be 'functional, sympathetic and in keeping with the surrounding'.

The applicant added: "The proposed development is temporary and can easily revert back to its current state."

The site and surrounding area would also be made safe through the construction of a two-metre high deer fence to restrict unauthorised access.