Apply now for £5,000 local business grant thanks to Northampton's university

Northamptonshire businesses are being given the opportunity to receive up to £5,000 funding from the University of Northampton to boost growth and develop ideas.

Thursday, 25th April 2019, 4:16 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th April 2019, 4:28 pm
The University of Northampton is giving businesses in Northamptonshire the chance to apply for a 5,000 grant.

The University of Northampton Business Innovation Grant 2019 lets organisations in the county to work with the universities academics and facilities, with the aim of developing new products, processes, services, gaining new insights or generally developing business.

Charlotte Patrick, knowledge transfer manager at the university, said: “Applications are welcomed from all businesses in Northamptonshire.

"You could be looking to improve productivity processes as a manufacturing or logistics company or perhaps enhance a technical function in your family owned business or manage waste created by your food manufacturing processes.

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“We have a huge breadth of expertise here at the university, from lifts to footwear, tourism to apps, waste to polymers – and we want to use our knowledge to better businesses in the county.”

There’s a raft of expertise at the university in the following areas, which could be tapped by businesses via the fund:

Health & wellbeing

Ageing society



Special educational needs

Social enterprise

Laboratory space

Cyber security

Polymers & coatings

Supply chains


China & emerging economics

Corporate Social Responsibility

User-centred design

Management of wastes & resources

Lift technology

High performance engineering

Internet of Things

AI & robotics

The University is also home to four institutes:

Institute for Public Safety, Crime & Justice

Institute for Social Innovation and Impact

Institute of Logistics, Infrastructure, Supply and Transport

Institute of Creative Leather Technology

The deadline for applications is Tuesday 14 May, with all funds to be spent by Wednesday 31 July.

For more information, or if you require support outside of the areas of expertise above, please email [email protected]