Northampton radio host to star in Christmas panto after thinking his casting invite was a ‘joke’

The keen musician thought the message had been sent to the wrong person

Monday, 1st November 2021, 4:28 pm

A Northampton musician and radio host is set to star in a Christmas pantomime after believing his casting invite was a ‘joke’.

Tommy Gardner will be playing Constable Tik, one of the two police officers in ‘Aladdin’, during The Deco’s pantomime season this year.

The keen musician hosts a weekly show on Northampton’s Revolution Radio station, where he continues his passion for supporting local bands and singers, but still thought the message inviting him to be in the panto was sent to the wrong person.

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Tommy Gardner will be playing Constable Tik.

Tommy said: “It was from Jill Roach, the house manager at The Deco, and I had to do a double take.

“I know Jill well, and I didn’t think she’d be joking about something like this, and she’s too efficient to send messages to the wrong people, so I thought wow, this must be for me, and immediately I saw the invitation as a wonderful opportunity.

“I’ve seen many pantos at The Deco over the past decade, and they’ve always been brilliant, so to be asked to be a part of one is just fantastic, and frankly, I can’t wait to get started, it’s just so exciting.”

Tommy is well known at The Deco as the organiser of Northamptonshire’s Rising Star and also as the man behind promoting all that is good about the local music scene in the show ‘One Voice’ earlier this year.

He added: “I’m loving the radio show every Tuesday evening.

“It gives me a chance to showcase local talent; we have live sessions, guests, and we’re building up a really enthusiastic following, and hopefully my involvement with the panto will help raise more awareness and increase our following.

“And that’s what’s so good about Jill and Kevin, her husband, who’s the Panto boss: they’re always looking to support and help local people, encourage local talent, and give opportunities where otherwise they wouldn’t appear, and it’s appreciated by us all.”

As the cast gears up for opening night on December 10, Tommy is looking forward to his busy pantomime stint.

“Having met the cast and crew, I’m even more excited,” Tommy continued.

“Like all Deco pantomimes, I’ve no doubt that once again audiences won’t stop smiling from the time they arrive at the theatre, to the time they leave; it’s going to be awesome.”

Tickets for ‘Aladdin’ can be bought on The Deco’s website or by calling the theatre’s box office on: 01604 491005.