WINTER NAPS: Flaming Charmer ensures Cory is Not Too Sad

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HOW do you beat the January blues by tipping horses on a racecourse?

Well, Kingsthorpe punter Neville Cory has the answer!

Sad syndrome is no problem to Cory, whose team Not Too Sad came up with the day’s best winner in the form of 14/1 shot Flaming Charmer.

The Colin Tizzard runner set his tilt at the £1,000 first prize alight by moving him into 19th place as we approach the halfway stage.

Not far behind in terms of SP was the 12/1 shot Ely Brown selected by Simple Minds, while Riches’ Floretunes are on a roll right now.

The husband and wife team of Steve Riches and Kate Williams have combined to notch three straight winners at 9/2, 6/1 and 5/1 which has catapulted them from 98th place into a challenging 12th.

On Saturday, tips can be made at Ascot, Haydock and Taunton.

Winter Naps table

Week 11 of 25

*Denotes non runner switched to race favourite

Bugbrooke Badgers Mirific +32.50

Dave’s Doublers Storm Survivor +22.91

Growly Bears Bear’s Affair +22.25

Got Potential RIGADIN DE BEAUCHENE (5/1) +21.00

King’s Head Utd +20.50

Manor Mayhem Loose Chips +20.50

Trinity Old Boys OSCARA DARA (5/1) +18.50

Loco Saints Pete The Feat +15.63

T&S Racing RODY (11/2) +13.00

Sons of Black Sam Bradley +12.75

The Nap Hand Partnership Storm Survivor +12.00

Riches’ Floretunes RIGADIN DE BEAUCHENE (5/1) +11.50

Simple Minds ELY BROWN (12/1) +11.00

TP Racing OSCARA DARA (5/1) +10.25

S&D Racing Karinga Dandy +10.00

Warkton Fields Stoney’s Treasure +9.88

Miracle Workers Black Thunder +9.75

Brinley’s Banker Black Thunder +9.53

Not Too Sad FLAMING CHARMER (14/1) +9.00

Phoenix Golf Franklino +9.00

Mr Grumpy De La Bech +8.63

Barley Hill Punters Handtheprizeover +8.57

3 Ms Billy Cuckoo +8.18

Health Matters Niceonefrankie +8.00

Shonkies Lad Five Rivers +8.00

Wright Nag Kealigolane +8.00

Plough Inn Everdon L’UNIQUE (4/5) +7.68

Snowy’s Daughter Pete The Feat +7.14

KAB OSCARA DARA (5/1) +7.00

The Wife Can Do Better Portrait Emotion +7.00

M & B Racing Pete The Feat +6.25

Crown And Anchor Baile Anrai +5.83

Nu Vu Windows The Package +5.50

Towcester Racecourse Wessex King +5.50

Alcon BALLY LEGEND (9/4)* +5.25

Long Buckby Skittles de La Bech +4.88

Max Buck Magic +4.88

Moulton Mules OSCARA DARA (5/1) +4.75

Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid Pete The Feat +4.33

Mayfield Park Shotavodka +4.00

Cassandra Quentin Collonges +3.75

T&J Club The Package +3.63

Golfing Gourmets OSCARA DARA (5/1) +3.60

Queen’s Park Snooker Minella Definitely +3.50

Tailor’s Dummies PURE SCIENCE (5/1) +3.50

B C Magpie Storm Survivor +3.00

Midland Band Pool Major Malarkey +3.00

The Uppers RIGADIN DE BEAUCHENE (5/1) +2.88

Zulu Warriors Cruchain +2.75

Evertonians Godsmejudge +2.50

Yeoman Boys TETLAMI (3/100) +2.39

Overstone Caravaners PURE SCIENCE (5/1) +2.22

Diamond Girl Portrait Emotion +2.13

Racegoers Black Thunder +1.60

Admiral Rodney Godsmejudge +1.38

Culworth Red Lion Hadamen +1.00

Cock At Roade Handtheprizeover +0.31

Ashington Flyer Captain Sunshine 0.00

Kingsley Park Airgun Buck Magic 0.00

Nick Brown Racing Justazippy 0.00

Spinaclean Niceonefrankie 0.00

Postman Pat Celestial Island -0.17

Transco OB Captain Sunshine -0.25

Abfran Racing DASHING GEORGE (6/4) -0.27

Maori Racing OSCARA DARA (5/1) -0.50

Margil Social Stoney’s Treasure -0.50

NCT Racing FOURJACKS (3/1) -0.93

Chelsea Pensioners Oscar Prairie -1.00

Duston Con Club Golden Chieftain -1.00

Weekley Saints Handtheprizeover -1.12

The 3 Js Justazippy -1.25

Juddies Giants Triangular -1.37

Sons Of The Desert RODY (11/2) -1.50

Brixworth Wanderers Ballybriggan -1.54

Old Hamish Dursey Sound -1.63

Cogenhoe Star Storm Survivor -2.00

Manor Inn Brackley Restless Harry -2.00

Nag Nappers Kingsmere -2.00

Black Symphony Bradley -2.43

Sywell Flyers Pete The Feat -2.43

Aardvark Racing CLOUDY COPPER (5/2) -2.50

Gayton Bill Pete The Feat -2.50

K9 Walkers Alpha Victor -2.50

Cobblers Youth UP AND GO (13/8) -2.62

Goody Goody Major Malarkey -2.67

Blue Diamond Buck Magic -2.75

Gusto’s Boys Turn Over Sivola -3.00

Lady G Westaway -3.00

Trueform Aurora Universal Soldier -3.00

Delboy’s Trotters Justazippy -3.50

The Boys Buck Magic -3.50

White Hart Hackleton Pete The Feat -3.62

The Wolf Whistler Sam Lord -3.90

Lonesome Dove Minella Definitely -4.00

Roade FC Loose Chips -4.00

NIBS Black Thunder -4.02

CJ’s Pickles Black Thunder -5.00

Rosey Poets Auroras Encore -5.00

White Horse Silverstone Niceonefrankie -5.00

Aye Boy THE NEW ONE (1/2) -5.15

West Haddon FC THE NEW ONE (1/2) -5.17

Girls On Top Stony’s Treasure -5.47

Cripps Social Club Cousin Khee -5.50

Rifle Drum Topolsky -5.50

Rosebery Ramblers Stoney’s Treasure -5.50

Barnstaple Nomads Major Malarkey -5.62

PWB Racing Highland Lodge -5.75

Whistle Blowers THE NEW ONE (1/2) -5.75

We Like Guinness Secret Edge -5.92

Exiled Geordies Araldur -6.00

Nurses Know Better Sunnyhillboy -6.00

Role On Bradley -6.00

Second Glance Storm Survivor -6.00

Steeleye Ann Franklino -6.00

The Viking Major Malarkey -6.00

Blisworth Garden Services ROCKY CREEK (7/4) -6.25

ACKO Black Thunder -6.50

Dalepak Social Flying Award -6.50

Red Van Man Universal Soldier -6.50

West Haddon Bowls Ivor’s King -6.50

The Likely Lads ROCKY CREEK (7/4) -6.58

Happy Dave Ardkilly Witness -7.25

Ajay Club Godsmejudge -7.50

Dawn’s Boys Pete The Feat -7.50

Old Sun Heyford CLOUDY COPPER (5/2) -7.50

Roade Walkers THE NEW ONE (1/2) -7.50

Betony Belle Dursey Sound -7.75

Cobblers Le Magnifique BALLY LEGEND (9/4) -7.75

Magster Bradley -8.12

Nene Valley Racing Victor Leudorum -8.25

Marmalaid Racing Bear’s Affair -8.37

SPA Storm Survivor -9.67

Abington LTC Minella Definitely -11.00

Bajan Racing Hada Men -11.00

Baltimore Bullet Sweetie Royale -11.00

Beatnik Beatles Bear’s Affair -11.00

Brendan’s Bookie Bashers Knock A Hand -11.00

Bulltree Boys de La Bech -11.00

Charlie’s Angels Loose Chips -11.00

Clever Trevor Weekend Lady -11.00

Earls Barton WMC Niceonefrankie -11.00

Ex Equestrian Captain Sunshine -11.00

Fat Boy Flying Award -11.00

Forza Milan Major Malarkey -11.00

Go Getters Major Malarkey -11.00

Greens Norton Racers Universal Soldier -11.00

Harborough Hamtunes Auroras Encore -11.00

Heathens RFC Bradley -11.00

Holdenby Heroes Oscar Prairie -11.00

Jaycee Club Turn Over Sivola -11.00

Kingfisher AC West End Rocker -11.00

Kingsley FC Harris Garden -11.00

M & N Racing Storm Survivor -11.00

Marron Racers Eyre Apparent -11.00

Monday Ballroom Buck Magic -11.00

Mug Punters Oscar Prairie -11.00

Northants Anglers Oscar Prairie -11.00

OK Coral Justazippy -11.00

On The Edge Supreme Gold -11.00

Only Foals And Horses de La Bech -11.00

OXO Son Of Flicka -11.00

Pennies From Brisbane Loose Chips -11.00

Queen’s Park WMC Stoney’s Treasure -11.00

Rothwell Cobbler Stoney’s Treasure -11.00

Royal Oak Walgrave Restless Harry -11.00

St Mary’s FC Major Malarkey -11.00

Steady Aim Benheir -11.00

Sticky Wicket Major Malarkey -11.00

The Byrne Syndicate Victor Leudorum -11.00

The N Club Norse Wren -11.00

The Yarmouth Vagabonds Holywell -11.00

Tomnjack -11.00

Towcester S&SC Major Malarkey -11.00

Trafford Bridge Fan Club Duke Of Monmouth -11.00

Wooldale FC Forgotten Gold -11 .00