BOWLS: County see off late Norfolk fightback

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Northants Men’s Over-60s team scored a narrow one-shot over over Norfolk IBA in the Over 60 Inter County team competition, the match being played on neutral territory in Cambridge.

Manager John Haines was forced into making five changes from the original selection for a variety of reasons, but he was still able to call on some very experienced reserves.

The match started rather disastrously for the County when they dropped nine shots on the first end without scoring themselves, and it did not improve much over the next few ends, as after five ends Norfolk led 34-16.

However, over the next five ends Northants completely changed the face of the game by not only clawing back the deficit, but by going seven shots ahead after nine ends.

The County looked comfortable as they led by 18 shots with one end left to play by all rinks, but what a last end that turned out to be!

The County stood still on 120 shots, whilst Norfolk took shots on every rink, including a massive count of six on one. They rapidly caught up with the County’s total, and with one rink to finish play, Norfolk needed to score a minimum of two shots on that rink, to force an extra end to be played.

But fortunately for the County, that rink, skipped by Mick Worthington, played it tight and dropped just one shot which secured the overall victory at 120-119.

Details as follows, Norfolk skips only:

Rink 1: Alan Baulch, Colin Barnes, Malc Mattinson & Walt Winsor 24 – P Hurren 14

Rink 2: Pete Maloy, David Bailey, Norman Gibb & Tony Weston 15 – B Taylor 23

Rink 3: Will Clelland, Pete Morris, John Leggett & Roger Tansley 14 – M King 21

Rink 4: Roger Summers, Pete Mellor, Bernard Spreadbury & Jim McKee 24 – R Barmbrook 27

Rink 5: Tony Dicks, Dougie Cooper, George Warren & Mick Worthington 18 – C Boon 17

Rink 6: Jim Diver, Mick Richardson, Bob Fuller & John Haines 25 – T Dunton 17

Northants now play Leicestershire in the next round.

Atherley Trophy gets underway for ladies

NORTHANTS IBA Ladies begin their national inter-county Athlerley Trophy campaing this Sunday (Nov 15) when they entertain Cambridgeshire at Northampton & District IBC (12.30pm).

The following players have been named for the clash.

Rink 1: Lynn Upton, Brackley/Elaine Urquhart, Brackley/Jeannie Flippance, Desborough/Joan Watts, Daventry

Rink 2: Dorothy Diver, Desborough/Pat Starsmore, Kettering Lodge/Chris Cooper, Wellingborough/Audrey Height, Kettering Lodge

Rink 3: Julie Spreadbury, Daventry/Denise Carlin, Desborough/Yvonne McKee, Kingsthorpe/Brenda Bishop, Kingsthorpe

Rink 4: Linda Warren, Northampton & District/Joan Sidebottom, Northampton & District/Di Brumwell, Kingsthorpe/Joyce Porter, Northampton & District

Rink 5: Celia Morris, Kingsthorpe/Wilma Walker, Desborough/Vicki Rushall, Daventry/Hilary Sharpe, Kingsthorpe

Rink 6: Billie Swift, Northampton & District/Alison Dring, Wellingborough/Jan Hunt, Wellingborough/Tina Broderick, Wellingborough

Travelling Reserves: Donna Williamson, Kingsthorpe/Jean Burgess, Wellingborough/Heather Lack, Kettering Lodge/Glenys Emery, Kingsthorpe

Non-travelling Reserves: Eleanor Buchanan, Kingsthorpe/Joyce George, Wellingborough

NORTHANTS men have named their team for their first Liberty Trophy clash of the season, which will be on Saturday, November 21 against Buckinghamshire.

The match is being played at Foxhill IBC in Aylesbury, with a 10am start.

Northants team: Rink 1: Richard Lemon, Northampton & District/David Walker, Kingsthorpe/Darren Childs, Wellingborough/Jamie Walker, Wellingborough

Rink 2: Dave Flippance, Desborough/Jason Bryan, Kingsthorpe/Connor Cinato, Kingsthorpe/Neil McKee, Kingsthorpe

Rink 3: Tony Dicks, Daventry/Chris Bland, Northampton & District/Callum Height, Wellingborough/Andrew Manton, Kingsthorpe

Rink 4: Matt Pownall, Wellingborough/Dominic Graham, Northampton & District/Phil Exley, Wellingborough/Paul Broderick, Wellingborough

Rink 5: Dave Love, Wellingborough/Ben Sharpe, Kingsthorpe/Jim McKee, Kingsthorpe/Vernon Gearey, Kingsthorpe

Rink 6: Adam Pitfield, Wellingborough/Bob Fuller, Wellingborough/John Haines, Desborough/Neil Corbyn, Wellingborough

Reserves: Will Walker, Wellingborough/Tony O’Leary, Northampton & District/Darren Lewis, Kingsthorpe/Peter Ward, Desborough

THE following players will represent Northants in the Inter-County Under-25 Double Rink competition against Hertfordshire IBA on Sunday (Nov 15).

One rink will be playing at Wellingborough BC and the other at Harpenden & District IBC, with a start time of 10am.

At Wellingborough: Curtis Johnson, Wellingborough/Sam Gamble, Desborough/Danny Walker, Wellingborough/David Walker, Kingsthorpe

At Harpenden: Adam Pitfield, Wellingborough/Conor Bryan, Kingsthorpe/Will Walker, Wellingborough/Connor Cinato, Kingsthorpe.

THE following players have been selected by Northants IBA for a friendly match next Wednesday (Nov 18) against Northamptonshire Retired Police BA at Kingsthorpe BC (2pm).

Rink 1: Dougie Cooper, Kingsthorpe/Steve Munton, Kingsthorpe/Geoff Allen, Daventry/Richard Somerton, Brackley

Rink 2: Keith Howlett, Desborough/Ray Ward, Desborough/Robin Frost, Northampton/Norman Gibb, Desborough

Rink 3: Len Smith, Wellingborough/Dave Garland, Kingsthorpe/Brian Diver, Desborough/George Warren, Desborough

Rink 4: Don Scott, Brackley/Dave Williamson, Northampton/Ted Guiver, Wellingborough/Bernard Spreadbury, Daventry

Rink 5: Alan Davies, Daventry/John Barber, Desborough/Peter Mellor, Desborough/Geoff Hunt, Wellingborough

Rink 6: Will Clelland, Desborough/Ken Lovejoy, Kingsthorpe/Brian Langton, Rushden Town/Brian Sherwood, Rushden Town

Reserves: Jim Diver, Desborough/Dougie Ainsworth, Desborough/Mike Weatherill, Desborough/Terry James, Rushden Town

Northants men are too hot for the VPs

NORTHANTS IBA took on Northants Vice Presidents in a friendly at Northampton & District, and the County men had a storming match as they won by 80 shots. The final score was 157-77, and the highest scoring rink for the County was that skipped by Terry James with an 18-shots win.

Rink scores, County names first:

Rink 1: Chris Hawkins, Don Scott, Peter Boulden & Terry James 30 – Graham Cashmore, Pete Byworth, Dick Howell & David Williamson 12

Rink 2: Dougie Ainsworth, John Chester, Geoff Allen & Reg Jones 29 – Peter Oliver, Colin Incles, Ken Legan & Dave Thurlow 14

Rink 3: Colin Barnes, Dave Garland, Bob Tingle & Geoff Hunt 24 – Len Smith, Brian Audis, Steve Munton & Jack Brown 11

Rink 4: Keith Howlett, Brian Langton, Brian Diver & Norman Gibb 23 – Ollie Pearson, Charles Longstaff, Clyde Hulbert & Dave Betts 16

Rink 5: Stuart Lowe, Trevor Tilley, Brian Sherwood & Tony Weston 25 – Charles Clark, Phil Bates, Trevor Wright & Ron Chambers 15

Rink 6: Ron Peacock, Bob Ralley, Tony Warren & Richard Somerton 26 – Brian Robbins, Jim Walvin, Mick Weatherill & Roy Cave 9

A MIXED Northants team took on a Kingsthorpe BC mixed team in a friendly match, and despite losing four of the six rinks claimed a 114-103 win.

That was mainly due to John Haines’ rink, which won by a huge 35 shots.

Details, Kingsthorpe names first:

Rink 1: Judy York, Sally Row, Mike White & Ron Everson-Watts 23 – Pat starsmore, Trevor Tilley, John Chester & Audrey Height 16

Rink 2: Ann Harrison, Sandy Hayter, John Harrison & Geoff Hayter 15 – Julie Spreadbury, Don Scott, Wilma Walker & Alan Watts 13

Rink 3: Audrey Gardener, Terrie Hepburn, Jim Hepburn & Eric Gardener 16 – Martin Horsham, Rhona Holland, Tony Warren & Joyce Porter 17

Rink 4: Mike Edwards, Mark Oldham, Glenys Emery & Brenda Bishop 19 – Stuart Lowe, Val Blackwell, Joan Watts & Terry James 14

Rink 5: John Clarke, Dawn Rolfe, Jan Everson-Watts & Brian Kaye 25 – Joan Bryan, Dave Williamson, Denise Carlin & Brian Diver 14

Rink 6: Megan Rolfe, Jim Brumwell, Malcolm Row & Di Brumwell 5 – Jim Diver, Barbara Oliver, Elaine Urquhart & John Haines 40 shots