ANGLING: Meritt the man as he earns victory

A total lottery – that was the weekend’s fishing as angling fortunes fluctuated along with the ever-changing weather conditions.

A BRAND new year and Ollie Pruden already has at least one 20-plus fish under his belt

ANGLING: Folwell beats the cold to seal victory

Plunging temperatures and thick morning frosts haven’t stopped some determined anglers from getting among the carp.

WHAT A CATCH! - Tommy Taylor with his 22-4 Stanwick common

ANGLING: It’s third time lucky for Tommy at Stanwick

Three big carp in a row – one a 30 – and only the smallest a ‘fair-caught fish’.

Simon Ashtons 13-10-8 Rutland brownie caught on the seasons final day

ANGLING: Black Horse power on at the top

The Andy Murrays of the local league world – that’s Black Horse who have just pulled off a first with eight straight section wins from nine in the ‘Ashby AT league!

MIKE Rylark with his nice Ringstead pike

ANGLING: Neil and Glen in the money as they grab the biggest prize

The post-Brexit pound in your pocket may have plunged...but there are still plenty who will fork out FIFTY QUID to enter the right match!

Wayne Robinson with some of his perch haul

ANGLING: Horse and Browning lead race

Only two rounds gone and this year’s ‘Ashby winter league is already tight as a drum with Black Horse and Browning galloping neck and neck in top spot.

GILDERS man Dan Todd with 11-15 Trent barbel

ANGLING: Ringer’s the man of Steel

Steel City Champion! That’s grand old man Geoff Ringer...and the only weights he had to lift were shed loads of bream.

Piker Cliff Parker-Kitchener with his first-ever rainbow

ANGLING: It’s a big one for Boulton

Looking for seriously BIG reservoir pike?

Mike Green with 100lb giant tarpon caught on fly. Bigger ones were too 'frisky' to bring aboard!

ANGLING: Dawes and Green claim big catches in Costa Rica

Imagine fish of 150lb or more – which repeatedly leap six-feet from the water while hooked and can smash stout rods to pieces...

Dave Miles

ANGLING: Miles is left delighted after Scotland trip

Scotland is God’s own country to some...and Dave Miles will agree – having ended up ‘in heaven’ after banking a brace of tackle-busting Perthshire salmon!

Angling 1
SOLID SUMMER GOLD - Phil Lees 7-1 summer Ouse chub

ANGLING: Phil Lee lands huge chub on Olney Mill stretch

A huge summer chub, turning the scales all the way to 7-1, is the latest in a growing trickle of cracking Upper Ouse fish.

Gary Johnson with his 18lb Nene barbel

ANGLING: Nene gives Gary a big birthday gift

STARTING the season with a real bang! That is the Nene: producing a stunning 18lb barbel AND some big bream bags!

HOW times change. Float-tubing for trout in its latest incarnation (at Ringstead)  almost as much kit as carpers

ANGLING: Rice takes the cash with Towcester win

Anglers across the county – from matchmen to specimen hunters – have been on a roll this week with carp feeding like there was no tomorrow!

YOUD need a ton of chips with this! Vince Rogers boated this 190lb skate  returned alive  off Scotlands Isle of Jura

ANGLING: Rogers lands some Jura monsters

FANCY fighting monster fish – against some of the strongest tides around British coasts – that weigh more than YOU do and stick to the bottom like giant rubber suckers?

A cold week but the temperature shot up for Don McKinness when he banked this Stanwick 37-12

ANGLING: Ringer comes so close to victory

Up against the cream of European matchmen, Steve Ringer came oh so close to winning his second Walterland Masters in three years!

GREAT CATCH - Bob Symes won �704 with this 9-8 in Ringstead's tagged fish competition

ANGLING: Trio of large carp landed at Stanwick

More and more carp have been on the feed this week – a list headed by THREE 30s from Stanwick.

FORTY-POUND PLUS ' and Dan Hyde's superb common still has some growing left to do

ANGLING: Hyde lands a big one at Stanwick

Stanwick has been on a real roll – producing a flood of 20s, two near 30s...and a venue dayticket lake record 40-4 common!

Mike Sando bagged a canal four-hour PB with 13-7 of skimmers, perch and rudd ' all on maggot

Angling round-up: Ringer Hungary for more medals

Town hot-rod Steve Ringer is fresh back from Hungary – with yet more international honours to his name!

'Unlucky' trouter Phil Koris with consolation prize 9lb Ringstead rainbow

Angling round-up: Koris misses out on £500

Trouter Phil Koris looks happy with this 9lb rainbow (below) – but probably found it harder to smile earlier in the day when missing out on £500!

Gale-force winds couldn't stop Gavin Walding banking 'this 20-8 Stanwick common

Lovelock the big winner at Lakeside

Wild, wet and very windy. That was the Sunday just gone – but even the pole-breaking gales couldn’t keep rods from bagging fish.

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