Essentials for setting up your office

10th January 2013

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More and more businesses these days seem to be office-based ones – and if you are interested in setting up such a workspace yourself, there are certain major things that you will have to do or at least bear in mind. From finding the right workspace to investing in business phones, here are just some of them.

Find the perfect workspace

Of course, you can’t have an office unless you first establish where this office is going to be. You may intend to merely work from home to begin with, which is certainly a popular option with a wide range of new business start-ups.

However, many people soon find that they would be better served by dedicated office space. Geographical location is naturally important, as this largely dictates price and your proximity to lucrative potential clients.

Negotiate the lease

Once you’ve decided on a suitable office, you’ll obviously need to negotiate a lease. It’s at this stage that you will need to ensure that you understand all of the legalities that you can suddenly find yourself presented with. After all, you need to be able to understand what exactly you are signing up for.

You’ll need to determine whether the proposed rent does or doesn’t include such things as interior maintenance and cleaning. It will also be necessary to agree on a sensible term – one that gives you the right balance of flexibility and stability.

Buy furniture

You’d be amazed by the range of well-priced, but good quality and highly suitable office furniture that is actually available these days. The various desks out there, for instance, include not only rectangular desks but also boardroom tables, canteen desks, folding tables, wave desks, radial desks and more.

Other popular items of office furniture include the lockers, filing cabinets and other storage that are so important for removing all of that distracting clutter from the desks and floor. Seating is also an obvious must-buy, and you’ll need to ensure that it’s comfortable, but supportive enough for sustained working.

Invest in a business phone line

The standard of your office’s communications needs to be as high as it can possibly be if your prospective and current clients are to have the positive experience that will result in them coming back to you time and time again. IP-based telephony, cloud technologies and unified communications have changed the face of voice communication in recent years, with many business phone solutions being available to cater for a wide range of office needs.


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