After one year of complaining to council, resident slams flimsy and 'shoddy' Northampton pothole repairs

Temporary pothole repairs in Great Billing

Temporary pothole repairs in Great Billing

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A Northampton man has called repairs to the potholes on his street "an absolute joke" as they aren't filled properly and have been left uneven.

Steve Mitchell of Thornfield, Great Billing, raised concerns over the gaping holes on his street for 12 months.

Pothole repairs

Pothole repairs

He was jubilant when workers pulled up and began to carry out repairs... until he saw the finished job.

Mr Mitchell said: "After 12 months of complaining about pothole repairs at the end of Thornfield, works have finally been made, but what an absolute joke.

"The shoddy nature of the repairs means that the ‘repair’ will barely last a few months before the road is just as bad again. It’s outrageous that at a time of cuts and the need to get value for money that the council are wasting money paying contractors for such poor-value repairs.

"The holes are not filled properly and have gaps around the edges, which mean that the material used to fill the hole will not stick to the existing road surface and will break out as cars run over it. It’s not level and in places, some holes haven’t been completely filled while others have been ignored completely."

But Northamptonshire County Council has said that the pothole repairs are temporary measures taken to keep the road safe until permanent repairs can be completed.

A spokesman said: “Whilst we do not generally do temporary repairs of this nature, it is sometimes inevitable at this time of year when weather conditions cause a higher number of defects within the roads.”