Scenic open space is being destroyed

Bradlaugh Fields remains one of Northampton’s most scenic and pleasant open spaces in my opinion, but recently, it seems to have been hit with an outbreak of items being dumped there which very much spoil its natural beauty.

Virtually every week for the past couple of months, things have been dumped instead of being delivered to local homes – free newspapers, takeaway menus, and even charity clothing bags, great big bundles of them, undelivered and simply thrown away under bushes, or even into the ponds.

The most despicable so far has to be the huge sack of charity clothing bags for The National Blind Children’s Society, dumped in the pond behind Fulford Drive. Whoever did that should hang their head in shame, although I doubt such a person has any type of conscience whatsoever.

I would remind the people who do this that by throwing these items away, they are committing several criminal offences all in one go. Firstly, if you are being paid to deliver things, then you don’t, this is fraud. Secondly, it could be regarded as actual theft of the items, as well, plus the offence of fly-tipping to boot! So, whoever you are, stop being lazy and selfish – if you don’t want the job of delivering these items, I am sure there are plenty of people who do, and to take the pay then throw the stuff away is totally contemptible, in my book.

If I find out who is doing this, I will have no hesitation in reporting them to the borough council and the police, so perhaps they can consider their actions, and stop being so anti-social.

Bradlaugh Fields is an open area for all to enjoy, not a municipal tip for the lazy and the stupid to chuck away the items they are being paid to deliver, but can’t be bothered to do so! Let’s hope the people concerned take heed, and perhaps some of the organisations and businesses concerned may wish to check their leaflets, newspapers and charity bags are in fact being delivered, not merely being dumped! If I was paying good money for a delivery service, I would want to know it was not being wasted!

N P Tweddle,

Junction Road, Kingsley, Northampton.

Make the office space available

I HAVE already written in these columns many times before in defence of our well thought out and designed bus station. Thirty years on it is bound to be looking its age, especially as it seems to have been the council’s Cinderella for years. It appears no one has been listening to me or all the other bus stations users that don’t want it to go, especially as its critics rarely, if ever, use the place.

It has been quoted as costing millions to demolish and thousands to compensate Stagecoach for early termination of its lease. Then more money has to be spent to replace it on a less convenient site, for the bus operators and the general public, but no one seems to have mentioned that point.

The new bus station will be much smaller, with more efficient use of the fewer bays provided, some of which are in The Drapery. I am sorry to be so cynical, but can anyone else see that theory working? This is all in the cause of making more space for more, bigger shops in the Grosvenor Centre. If I remember the figure correctly, there is 170,000 sq ft of unused office space above the bus station, which has been losing the council rent and rates for many years because no one wants it. So far, no one has come up with a use for it. Surely it will not cost anything like the costs involved in getting rid of the bus station to create access to this space and make it available for retail use?

Alan Skinner,

Wheatfield Road South, Northampton.

Development is short-sighted

The media has in recent months been dominated with the Eurozone and the UK’s budget while the UN’s report on the population growth is ignored.

In November the UN reported the arrival of the seven billionth person on planet Earth and the UK reported an expected population of 70 million plus by 2030. Given that in the 1930s the UK census recorded 30 million, those who remember the rationing to control the food supply in World War Two and afterwards with every piece of land utilised for food production including the parks will realise the bulk of our food has to be imported.

It would only take a slight problem to interrupt this chain of supply and leave the majority of the population at risk of starvation.

This makes the development of yet more greenfield land like Buckton Fields and the latest proposal in Hunsbury difficult to understand if our elected representatives give the go-ahead to these and any other greenfield land usage.

In fact it’s short sighted and bordering on criminal when so many areas of brownfield sites are available with Northampton. Of course the development of greenfield sites by developers is much easier than brown sites hence lower costs and therefore increased profits while the problems it could cause will be for the future.

C Osborne,

Hillside Way,

Weston Favell, Northampton.

Use the land for allotment space

WITH reference to the council owned land at Buckton Fields, if the land is sold for development it will be an environmental disaster for the people of Kingsthorpe.

I note that in some areas there is a 15-year waiting list for allotments. Surely it would be far more beneficial for the land in question to be made into allotments to satisfy this need? There are an increasing number of flats or apartments being built so it is more important than ever before that people have the option of renting an allotment to grow their own produce.

Charles Keith Barker,

Old Yew Court, High Street,

Kingsthorpe, Northampton.

Unitary council could save cash

WEEK in, week out, as years drag by, one hears councillors continually arguing and nit-picking with each other.

This country is in dire straits. The young people cannot find work. People cannot manage financially.

Lee Mason talks of the cuts to this, that and t’other. She omits to mention her party was responsible for the disgraceful state this country is in now. David Cameron at last showed he had a spine by saying no to the EU, albeit only on one judgement.

We have lost all control of our own country. Human rights laws are eroding our own Home Office powers. Street lights off, PCSOs cut, funding for housing cut.

But in Northampton Conservative councillors vote against a unitary council which would have saved money, which would easily ensure our lights were back on and more police on the streets.

Councillor Bottwood feels wardens are more of a priority than police officers. For goodness sake, you couldn’t make this farce up.

Councillor Mackintosh states the police have £21 million in the bank to use for police officers. Can I ask him how much “his poor” council has in the bank to help us restore services he is ruthlessly cutting?

Mr M J Baker,

Windyridge, Northampton.

Shooting is hypocritical

HOW hypocritical of the Royal family. Go and worship on Christmas Day, on Boxing Day go out shooting defenceless creatures. The Royals lack compassion for the animal kingdom.

I am looking for a religion not associated with cruelty. It is disgusting, adult people going out with guns purely for sport.

When are we going to go forward?

Maureen Cook,

Wycliffe Road,