An open letter to Paul Crofts of Wellingborough Council:

I am in receipt of my brown wheelie bin and I and others I have spoken to cannot stop wondering who on earth made such a ludicrous decision as to change the system of refuse collection.

While I have nothing against recycling I am against having my household waste collected only once a fortnight as this waste mainly consists of perishables.

We all know that this is not a trial but a way of bringing a new system in by the back door.

Have you or anyone else realised that this brown bin will only be in use for five to six months of the year, no-one has garden rubbish in the winter.

I would have thought that it would have been far better to alternate the brown bin with the green box (for paper and cans) which is already collected once a fortnight. Then the household waste could still be collected on a weekly basis.

I do not like to think that I could have a chicken carcass or any waste meat or fish sitting in my bin for almost a fortnight as this is the type of rubbish that not only smells, especially in warm weather, but also encourages flies and could be a health hazard.

After all we are the council tax payers and we have had no say whatsoever in this, we have been told that this is what’s to be. It seems that Wellingborough Council is no longer a democratic council but a dictatorship.

We all know that you will never cease to have rubbish, but instead of putting the onus on the householder the councils should get together and target the manufacturers – after all if they did not over-package we would not have such a big problem.

M A Thomas and R L Thomas

Francis Dickins Close,