VIDEO: Northamptonshire Police launch latest phase of special constable recruitment drive

Northamptonshire Police has launched its latest campaign to recruit more special constables into the force.

Chief Constable Adrian Lee and Police and Crime Commissioner Adam Simmonds today (Tuesday) both spoke at the launch of the latest phase of Northamptonshire Police’s special constable recruitment drive.

They were joined by Chief Inspector Gary Ashton and six of the force’s specials, who talked about what they do and why they enjoy it.

“The police are the public in uniform,” said Chief Constable Adrian Lee.

“Specials are people who often do a day job but who volunteer to put something extra back into their local community.

Our aim is to have the largest per head number of specials in the country, not only doing the traditional work of special constables but also, increasingly, we have special constables working in specialist areas such as cyber crime, fraud, drug warrants, safer roads, prisoner handling and some of the most challenging areas of police work.”

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“The world is changing and we are fortunate that we can afford to continue with 1,220 police officers covering the county, given that we have to save substantial sums of money in the coming years.

But we want to increase the numbers of specials, working with and in local communities.

“Already we attract many people who are highly committed and want to work hard alongside the regular force. They tell us that being a special constable gives them valuable and rewarding experience in a wide variety of skills and experience.

“We want to increase the numbers and to welcome and value more people.”

Police and crime commissioner Adam Simmonds added: “We know that people want to see more police in their neighbourhoods, whether in urban or rural areas.

I have pledged that officer numbers in Northamptonshire will not be reduced during my term as commissioner and Northamptonshire is one of only seven forces in the country where numbers of police have not been cut this year.”

“The numbers of hours of policing contributed by special constables has doubled since my election in 2012, with 9,500 hours, the most ever, delivered in April.

I am keen to see local people much more involved in policing and this drive for more specials is a way they can do just that, in every village and town in Northamptonshire.”