VIDEO: final look inside Northampton’s Greyfriars Bus Station as demolition continues

While the politics rumbles on about what will happen to the site of the town’s former bus station, a group of more than 40 workers are busy painstakingly taking Greyfriars apart.

The Chronicle & Echo was granted a sneak-peak inside the town’s former bus depot this week.

The demolition works are due to be completed by Christmas but it is still not known exactly how the outside structure will be brought down.

“In the past we have said we could do it brick-by-brick,” borough council leader Councillor David Mackintiosh said. “But now the team have been inside the building for a while we are looking at all options.”

Currently workers from the company Kier are stripping the interior of the premises, including the 4,000 sq ft office space once occupied by Barclaycard, and dropping the materials down three large former lift shafts to the ground floor.

Workers have even removed 400 sacks of pigeon droppings from the 1976 building.

More than 95 per cent of the material in the building will be recycled, including the concrete.