University of Northampton Students Union bans sports teams from pitches after damage caused by Freshers events

University of Northampton
University of Northampton
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Sports teams at the University of Northampton have been told to not to use the pitches on Pavilion Fields after damaged caused by recent Freshers events.

The university’s student union says the pitches are too dangerous and have warned that repairs will take up to two months to complete.

A spokesperson for the student union said: “Following our Freshers events and the state the pitches were left in, we’d like to ask all our sports teams to please refrain from using the pitches on Pavilion fields for any purposes as we are in the process of scoping and undertaking remedial work on them.

“We understand this is a huge inconvenience, but in its current state, the surface of the field is very uneven, and there is a high risk of accidents/injuries,” the spokesperson said on the union’s website.

“However, all rugby teams will be allowed to use their area on the fields for match purposes only.

“Once the work has been completed, the ground will need time to settle and for regrowth to occur, this will take up to two months so please bear with us whilst we work on recovering our pitches.

“From here we’d like to apologise for any disturbances we may have caused you. We can assure you that your fixtures won’t be jeopardised as we are currently seeking an alternative location for you to play,”

Anyone with any enquiries about the pitch closures can email

Note: This article has been amended to make it clear that the instruction to sports clubs has come at the request of the student union, not the University of Northampton.