Two taken to hospital after suspected chemical spill at Northampton school

Two maintenance staff have been taken to hospital after a suspected chemical spill at a Northampton school created chlorine gas.

Emergency services have been called to Greenfields School and Sports College in Goldings, Northampton, at about 9.30am. The school, which is in Prentice Court, is for children with disabilities and specific learning needs.

Two staff for Amey, the company which owns and maintains the school building, were taken to hospital, although it is not known whether they were exposed to the gas.

A member of school staff earlier said about a dozen children had been taken to hospital, but Greenfields has since said the information was not correct. The children were in fact taken home by the ambulances.

Terry Hollowell, the school business manager, said the schoool will be closed “until further notice”.

A spokeswoman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “We’re aware that the school is planning to close for the day and are contacting parents.”

There were more than a dozen emergency vehicles at the school. It is believed that the chemical spill was near the school’s swimming pool. Early reports say that two chemicals mixed in the plant room and created chlorine gas.

The fire service said there was little risk to surrounding residents, but asked them to keep all doors and windows shut until at least 5pm.

A spokeswoman from Northamptonshire Police said at 1.22pm: “Police are still at the scene to deal with traffic management and support the fire and ambulance services.

“The school has now been safely evacuated and none of the children have suffered ill health as a result of the incident.

“Residents in the immediate area have been asked to keep windows and doors closed whilst the incident is dealt with.

“Two adults are being treated at Northampton General Hospital with mild breathing difficulties.”