Trainee GP at Northampton surgery cleared of sexual assault

Yaqub Dadhiwala
Yaqub Dadhiwala

A trainee GP at a Northampton surgery has been cleared of sexually assaulting a female patient.

Dr Yaqub Dadhiwala, aged 30, of Baronson Gardens, Abington, Northampton, has been unanimously acquitted by a jury after a woman claimed he had touched her breasts and looked down her trousers during a medical examination in August 2012.

Dr Dadhiwala was in his first month at work at Abington Medical Centre when the woman came into the surgery as she was concerned about a mole on her leg after watching an episode of Channel Four’s Embarrassing Bodies.

Dr Dadhiwala conducted a 16-minute consultation with the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

Giving evidence, Dr Dadhiwala said he examined the mole in the woman’s leg and also looked at another one she mentioned on her left leg.

The doctor said the woman then mentioned her concerns about some stretch marks on her stomach and he offered to look at them.

Dr Dadhiwala said he then examined the woman’s abdomen and looked at one of the stretch marks near her belly button. The doctor said he did not touch the woman’s trousers but asked her to lower them slightly herself.

Dr Dadhiwala said the woman was not happy when he could not offer any immediate treatment for the stretch marks and she told him she would “save up to get them surgically removed”.

Dr Dadhiwala said he could not believe it the next day when he was informed of the allegations made by the patient. He said: “I have never been subject of allegations like this.

“This news came completely out of the blue. I have thought about these allegations a lot over the past 18 months.”

Dr Stephen Hicks, an experienced GP, giving evidence to the trial, said the consultation time of 16 minutes was appropriate.

Dr Hicks said Dadhiwala’s notes of what happened during the consultation were consistent with his account of what happened.

In a statement released after he had been acquitted, Dr Dadhiwala said he was “delighted” with the outcome and hoped he could now put the matter behind him.

Dr Dadhiwala said: “I would like to thank my friends and family for their support during this very difficult time. I have always aimed to provide my patients with the best standard of care and I look forward to putting this matter behind me.”

Dr Dadhiwala has previously worked at Northampton General Hospital, Leicester Royal Infirmary and Leicester General Hospital.

He spent five years studying medicine at the University of Leicester and has completed the training required to be an Imam.

Dr Dadhiwala was supported every day in court by his wife. The jury took less than an hour to find him not guilty.