Tony Clarke triumphs as independent but Fitzy fails

Rather than any of the three main parties, the voters in one ward in the centre of Northampton picked an independent candidate to represent them at County Hall.

The man in question is ex-Northampton South MP Tony Clarke, who will now represent the Castle ward on both the borough and county councils, with two independent councillors now in office in the county.

Councillor Clarke (Ind, Castle), described the result as humbling.

He said: "The people have spoken and I'll now take this all the way to the General Election to give the people the chance to vote independent.

"I think the Liberal Democrats have suffered in Northampton because of their record on the borough council. It's clear people are not happy with them as an administration."

Even independent candidates who did not win seats managed to score an impressive number of votes.

Northampton fruit and veg man Eamonn Fitzpatrick came second in the Kingsley ward, while Dave Green of the Save Our Services coalition polled 60 fewer votes than the winning candidate in the Old Duston ward.

Mr Fitzpatrick said: "I think the whole of Kingsley has spoken and they're not happy with things. I think it's a definite reflection on what they're doing at the Guildhall."

Mr Green said the coalition would continue to campaign on the issues people cared about, adding: "We were hoping to do well and we have clearly generated a huge response, which I am really proud of."

The county council's other independent member is Christopher Groome, in the Burton division of Kettering.