Stunt stupidity is captured on video

Officials have condemned the antics of a young motorist who is filmed accidentally flipping his car on to its roof during a dangerous stunt posted on the video-sharing website YouTube.

The mobile phone footage shows a driver skidding around a Daventry industrial estate using a plastic McDonalds food tray underneath one of the back wheels of his green Ford Fiesta, urged on by laughing friends.

However, the onlookers' amusement quickly turns to horror when the stunt goes wrong and the car overturns, rolling on to its roof.

The driver, who is referred to as Mark throughout the 52-second clip, appears unhurt after climbing out of the vehicle and holds his head in his hands as he surveys his wrecked car.

But according to Daventry District Council leader Chris Millar and Northamptonshire Police, he was lucky to have escaped serious injury.

Councillor Millar (Con, West Haddon and Guilsborough), who is also a member of Northamptonshire County Council, said: "It's an act of plain stupidity and the young man is very fortunate that things didn't turn out a lot more serious for him.

"The message to young people is that while stunts like this might seem fun, they should think carefully about the potential consequences of their actions. I only hope this footage acts as a deterrent to anyone from getting involved in this sort of nonsense."

A police spokesman said officers were taking the incident seriously and were looking to track down the driver involved.

He said: "It is a shame that people think activities such as this are smart enough for them to share with millions over the internet.

"Clearly the person involved in this ill-considered incident could have hurt himself or anyone else that was passing.

"Motorists have a responsibility to use the roads safely and this was clearly not the case here."

Anyone with information can call police on 08453 700700.