Stones narrowly miss car covered in dust next to Aldi demolition site in Northampton

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Aldi supermarket has offered to pay for a car to be cleaned after it was covered in dust and debris during the demolition of the former Chronicle & Echo building in Northampton.

The supermarket chain has begun demolition work on the site of the former newspaper building in the Upper Mounts to make way for a proposed new Aldi store.

During some of the demolition work on Monday, a car parked in a nearby private car park was covered in dust and debris.

Leah Toman, who lives in Overstone Road, said: “They are demolishing the old building which is right next to house in Overstone Road. Aldi has organised work without informing anybody.

“Lovely dust damage. Glass and bricks where cars should be parked but luckily people are at work. Disgusting.”

Aldi purchased the land from Johnston Press after the Chronicle and Echo vacated the building last year.

A spokesperson for Aldi commented: “The approved demolition of the former Chronicle building commenced in May and our contractors have worked to ensure there has been a minimal impact on our neighbours from the outset. “This has included door-to-door visits to inform residents of the planned works and there is also an onsite manager who is available if residents have any questions regarding the demolition.

“Unfortunately, despite these measures, it appears that some of the resulting dust from the works has affected the car of a neighbouring resident. Whilst we had not been made aware of the situation until this stage, we would be happy to contact the resident in question to arrange a mobile valet service and have their car cleaned.”

Aldi said the remaining demolition works are expected to be completed by the end of June and there will be some low-level works continuing onsite for a month.

A spokesman continued: “Following the completion of the demolition works we will be coming forward with our initial plans for the redevelopment of the site and inviting feedback from the community. However, in the meantime, if people have any questions or if they have been affected by the demolition works they should contact the project’s freephone information line on 0800 298 7040.”

The printing press at the former Chronicle & Echo offices in Upper Mounts closed in 2008 and the building was later vacated in the autumn of 2013.

The Chronicle & Echo office is now in Victoria Street.