Smoker numbers in Northamptonshire down two per cent

The number of smokers who die each year is 1,000 in Northamptonshire
The number of smokers who die each year is 1,000 in Northamptonshire
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The number of smokers has decreased by two per cent in 12 months, latest statistics for Northamptonshire show.

But a report by the county’s Director of Public Health, Dr Akeem Ali, shows 21 per cent of the adults still indulge in the habit.

As a result about a thousand people die in Northamptonshire every year from tobacco-related illnesses.

And most cancers in Northamptonshire are caused by smoking, the report says.

Meanwhile, the public health report shows seven in ten people in Northamptonshire rate their happiness as medium to high.

And 82 per cent of people feel the things they do are worthwhile.

Dr Ali said: “There is a wealth of research that gives clear direction to the factors which have the most impact on people’s wellbeing and therefore their lives.

“Individuals and communities with better wellbeing will ultimately have better health, lower need for services and longer lives.

“Wellbeing is how you feel, whether you’re happy or anxious; it’s how you function, your sense of ability or being connected to those around you; it’s how you evaluate your life as a whole, how satisfied you feel.

“Increasing wellbeing and making sure Northamptonshire residents feel in charge of their lives are now our main goals.”