Seized blades from police amnesty to be turned into statue in Northampton

Over 65 blades were seized on Friday by the Northampton Central policing team

Over 65 blades were seized on Friday by the Northampton Central policing team

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Over 65 weapons including samurai swords seized in Northampton during an anonymous knife amnesty will now be turned into an art piece.

Bosses at Oasis House in Campbell Street approached Northamptonshire Police after blade-owners were asked to hand in the weapons at an event on Friday.

One of the blades seized in the Semilong knife amnesty

One of the blades seized in the Semilong knife amnesty

The force hosted the event at a mobile police station between 1pm and 4pm in Semilong and said they had a "huge amount of knives handed in" as a result of a previous Chronicle & Echo story, which publicised the three-day amnesty event.

A spokesman for the Northampton Central policing team said: 'We have thought of a means of turning the knives surrendered into a positive thing and Oasis House have approached us and want to turn the knives into some sort of statue or art piece."

Superintendent Chris Hillery, said: “We have been holding a number of knife amnesties in Northampton throughout the past week using the mobile police station and I would encourage people to surrender their weapons during these events.

“Our message is clear, do not carry knives. Not only is it illegal to carry a knife in public, there is a real risk it will be used, either by you or against you, which could have very serious consequences.

A police officer holding a blade

A police officer holding a blade

“We are committed to tackling knife crime and the amnesties are just one of the things we are doing to drive down the number of people who feel the need to carry a weapon with them while out and about.

“Last year we took part in the national knife awareness operation, delivering educational messages to young people, using knife arches in town centres and proactive patrols across the county, and will be repeating that operation this year."

During the course of the three-day amnesty event, 143 knives and edged weapons were seized in the town.

He added: “We’re working closely with schools and other organisations to help educate young people about the dangers of carrying knives and encourage parents to talk to their children about the issue.

“Through Operation Worcester we have also been working to disrupt criminal gangs operating in the county and, in part, that work involves taking weapons, including knives, off our streets."

Anyone concerned about knife crime, or has information about a crime, can contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 111 555.