Scathing view of a child about town centre

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COUNCIL bosses have blamed rain for the drop in shoppers visiting Northampton town centre. To which Councillor David Palethorpe has retorted: “Balderdash”. It’s a remark with which I agree. I could not put the real reason better than the unprompted words of my nine year old grandson who said “It’s a dump. It’s dirty, uninteresting and not a patch on other places mum and dad have taken me.”

Northampton is one of the biggest towns in the country yet its facilities belie that status. Towns much smaller than ours have far more to offer. Some years ago attempts were made to portray Northampton as ”a place that doesn’t sleep.” The main result of that has been an increase in drunkenness and disorderly behaviour.

In these circumstances the plan to restrict the sale of alcohol between midnight and 6am in some parts of Northampton seems reasonable. Most sensible people will be tucked up in bed between those hours rather than knocking back the hard stuff in some bar.


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