Robber upset over death of grandmother stole and torched taxi in Northampton

Jeremiah Lovatt
Jeremiah Lovatt

A robber who stole a taxi in Northampton and torched it has been jailed for five years.

Jeremiah Lovatt, aged 25, went on crime spree in Northampton on April 18, 2015 that began at about 6pm with him stealing an iPhone and a smartphone from two teenagers in Thornton Park, Kingsthorpe.

About four hours later he used a beer bottle to smash the window of a taxi in Weedon Road that was parked waiting for a fare, causing the driver to flee, leaving his keys behind.

Lovatt not only stole the car but drove it away and set fire to it, making it a write-off. He also stole the driver’s takings.

Sentencing Lovatt to five years in prison, Recorder Timothy Spencer QC said: “To add to this taxi driver’s woes, his car was torched and therefore rendered a write-off. You also robbed him of the available cash he had.”

Recorder Spencer said that the fact Lovatt had suffered a bereavement could not have any bearing on the sentence.

He said: “I accept the massive effect of the death of your grandmother, together with too much alcohol.

“That is an explanation but I’m not convinced it’s mitigation,”

Lovatt was charged with robbery of the teenagers, theft of the car, arson and robbery of the taxi driver. He was given credit for an early guilty plea and sentenced to five years in prison.

His co-defendant, Shane Jones, aged 20, who was charged with robbery of the taxi driver and arson. He was also given credit for an early guilty plea and was sentenced to 18 months in a young offenders’ facility.