Revolutionary eco-friendly laundrette launches flagship unit in Northampton

New Revolution laundrette at Weston Favell Shopping Centre NNL-140630-173300001
New Revolution laundrette at Weston Favell Shopping Centre NNL-140630-173300001

A revolutionary laundrette has launched it’s first ever outdoor unit in Northampton, offering a self-service solution for almost any washing need - and you don’t even need to bring your own detergent.

The “Revolution” laundrette, provided by leading photo-booth operator, Photo-Me International, has opened its first installation in Weston Favell Shopping Centre on Wellingborough Road, before opening hundreds more around Europe.

The eco-friendly laundrette is a 24/7 service that can be used for duvets, throws, curtains and pillows, as well as regular washing loads, at 30 minutes per cycle.

The machines available have varying capacity, from 8kg (£4 per wash) to 18kg (£8 a wash) and each have a built-in hypoallergenic washing liquid pump and a vented dryer (£1 per dry).

A Photo-Me International spokesperson said: “This will be convenient for all customers visiting Weston Favell Shopping Centre as well as the local community who can benefit from this new outdoor and 24/7 professional washing facility.”

Commenting on it’s eco-friendly features, they said: “The highly concentrated washing liquid we provide is free of phosphate and colouring agents and meets the EU ECOLABEL and ECOCERT standards. It is hypoallergenic, ideal for sensitive skin and has a

pleasant neutral fragrance.

“The high performance super-spin reduces the residual humidity of the laundry to 50%, compared to 80% with a classical washing machine, meaning laundrey dries more quickly.