Queen gets to see her anniversary window gift in hall

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The Queen was shown a new stained glass window, made in her honour, for the first time by royalist and Northampton MP Michael Ellis.

Mr Ellis, Conservative MP for Northampton North, led an all-party parliamentary group on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, which raised £85,000 in two months to pay for the new stained glass window in Westminster Hall, London.

The window, which is around 11 feet tall and depicts her coat of arms, was installed in August and now fills the north end of the hall, inside the Palace of Westminster.

Last Friday, The Queen was shown the window for the first time, with Mr Ellis asked to present about 20 people who had been involved in the project to her, including the artists who designed it.

He said: “He Majesty wanted to come to see the window in situ. I was asked to present a large number of people who had been instrumental in getting this off the ground to The Queen. It was a great privilege to be involved in something that has enhanced Westminster Hall.

Michael Ellis MP said The Queen liked the Diamond Jubilee stained glass window “very much”.

He said: “It marks her 60th anniversary and she came to have a look at it for the first time.

“You are not supposed to say what the Queen says in private, but I can say she did like it very much.”