Protest held outside Starbucks in Northampton

Protesters outside Starbucks in Northampton
Protesters outside Starbucks in Northampton
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Members of the Northampton Alliance to Defend Services (NADS) gathered outside a branch of Starbucks in Northampton to protest against the amount of corporation tax the company has paid in the UK.

The protest was held at the Starbucks in St James Retail park at the same time as similar demonstrations outside other branches of the American coffee chain on Saturday morning.

Ben King, a member of NADS, said: “The protest was held because Starbucks avoids paying its corporation tax and there is no need for public service cuts if millionaires and large businesses like Starbucks paid their taxes.

“We want to put pressure on these companies to pay their taxes and for the government to collect the monies owed.”

Starbucks recently announced it would be paying £20 million corporation tax but Mr King said the company needed to pay more to make up for all the years it had not paid any money at all.

Mr King said: “These promises from Starbucks are hollow and we are yet to see the money, including backdated monies owed, being handed over to the Treasury.”