Northampton Borough Council must save £2m over next two years

Council leader David Mackintosh.

Council leader David Mackintosh.


A further £2 million will have to be cut from Northampton Borough Council’s budget over the next two years, the leader of the authority has revealed.

Officials at the Guildhall are currently working out how savings will be made over the coming years, but it is feared some jobs may be cut.

The leader of the authority, Councillor David Mackintosh (Con, Rectory Farm) told the Chron that any job losses this year would be small, but he suggested the overall number of people employed by the council by 2015 would be half that of 2011.

He said: “While we do face having to make savings for the next two years, the work we’ve already done to ensure the back-office and senior management at the Guildhall has been reduced means the savings we’ll have to make now won’t be as bad as they could have been.”

Since 2011, the number of senior managers at the Guildhall has been cut from 21 to 10 and the senior management wage bill has been cut from almost £1.7 million to just over £850,000, Councillor Mackintosh said.

Overall council staff numbers are also due to fall from 1,200 in 2011 to 600 by 2015.

Reflecting on where future savings could be made, Councillor Mackintosh said: “We’re looking at all options, but our priority has always been front line services, not expensive bureaucrats.”

And the council leader said he believed the authority worked better with fewer senior staff.

He said: “We’ve halved the senior management and I believe we’re doing a more efficient job.

“We can no longer afford to be an organisation with lots of senior managers sitting at desks giving orders to people,” he added.

“We need rangers in our parks and people looking after our communities.

“The days of senior managers have gone.”

Full plans for the council budget will be published next week and discussed by the cabinet on December 18.




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