No student parking at Northampton university’s new campus

University Of Northampton. Impression of new campus

University Of Northampton. Impression of new campus


The 8,000 students who use Northampton’s new town centre university campus will not be able to park on the site, it has been revealed

Plans to move the University of Northampton to the site of the town’s former power station, off Bedford Road, were first revealed in April last year.

The £330 million development would feature new university buildings spread over a development of 430,000 sq ft, as well as a range of new shops, a hotel and sports facilities.

But the vast majority of the 8,165 students who use the site will not be able to park there as the university’s 760 parking spaces will be set aside for 650 staff, 70 visitors, 25 disabled students and 15 halls of residence spaces.

A spokesman for the university said it was hoped the town centre location of the new development meant students would use public transport.

She said: “Within the higher education sector, it’s not uncommon for universities located in town and city centres not to have student parking provision.

“There will be no parking for students, except for those with disabilities, and this will be clarified to students in advertising and in the university’s prospectus.

“Prospective students will therefore be aware they will not be able to park on campus before they join the university and will be aware that they are joining a university within easy reach of the town centre, its facilities and transport connections.”

The university’s current Park and Avenue campuses, which would both close as part of the Nunn Mills scheme, have a total of 1,622 parking spaces.

But experts from Northampton Borough Council agreed that not as many would be needed at Bedford Road.

Documents which will be seen by the council’s planning committee next week said: “Staff and students who currently drive in the absence of a convenient bus service between their home and the university, will be far more likely to use a bus that stops in the town centre and walk to the new site.”

Apart from the university, the new site would have 1,100 parking spaces for business and leisure uses.




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