Daventry councillor defends draft housing plan vote for 28,000 homes in Northampton

Cllr Chris Oliver.

Cllr Chris Oliver.


The Daventry councillor who made the casting vote over a draft plan to build up to 28,000 homes in Northampton by 2029 has denied claims that the process was not democratic.

Councillor Chris Over’s decision to proceed with the vote drew heavy criticism from Northampton representatives on the panel, due to the lack of consensus on all sides of the county.

But Councillor Over (Con, Abbey South) said it was necessary to progress the plan.

He said: “The structure is set up where the chairman does have the casting vote, and I think it was important we went ahead with it.

“There had been a degree of unanimity, until what you might call the 11th hour. The door is not shut, but it was necessary to make progress,” he added.

Regarding the contrasting levels of development, Councillor Over said: “Daventry is also taking on a considerable amount of growth and is the second biggest growth area in this group.”

Northampton borough councillors Phil Larratt, Penny Flavell, Jonathan Nunn and Tim Hadland all voted against the report, as did county councillors Andre Gonzalez de Savage and Michael Clarke.

Cllr Over added: “Phil [Larratt] is a powerful speaker, but he has come in towards the end of this exercise. He may not have a full understanding of the discussions and work which has been done by the joint planning unit to bring us to the position we are in.”




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