Policeman on verge of tears describing attempts to save victims from Northampton nightclub crush

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A police officer was on the verge of tears as he described clubbers piled on top of each other at Lava & Ignite.

Giving evidence at the inquest of Nabila Nanfuka and Dani Jackson yesterday, Sgt Steven Neal said he was called back to the club on October 19 2011 after hearing his inspector ‘scream’ for help over the radio to find chaos on the stairs inside.

He said: “It was difficult to see. There were people on the floor being trampled by the crowd.

“I’d never seen anything like it. It was chaos, carnage, people shoving.

“It was deafening. There was constant screaming.”

Sgt Neal’s voice cracked as he described desperately trying to get the crowd to stop pushing: “We wanted them to stop so we could get the them out; for 30 seconds, just to get them out.

PC Karen Carnwell was another officer who was stunned by what she saw.

She said: “I saw an arm and a leg and head and suddenly realised they belonged to different people. It was surreal.

“I pulled one girl out from the pile and I’d never felt heat like it on a human being.

“I’ve never dealt with or witnessed anything like it in my life.”

Nabila died hours after the crush and Dani died weeks later at a Leicester hospital.

The inquest continues.