Police operation to crackdown on street drinking in Northampton town centre

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Police in Northampton will be in the Market Square for the next two days as part of an operation to clamp down on street drinking in the town.

Officers will be there to share the results of the operation and talk to shoppers about any concerns they have about crime and policing in the town centre or their local community.

The town centre is subject to a Designated Public Places Order, which means police officers, PCSOs and wardens have the power to confiscate alcohol from anyone who has been or intends to drink alcohol in a public place, when its consumption is associated with anti-social behaviour.

Officers will be in the Market Square from 11am to 3.30pm today (Thursday) and 10am to 4pm tomorrow (Friday).

Visitors to the stall will also be able get their mobile phones and pedal bikes security marked, making them less attractive to thieves and meaning they can more easily be reunited with their rightful owner if lost or stolen.

For more information about police in your area, visit the local policing pages at www.northants.police.uk.