PICTURE GALLERY: Official opening for Franks restaurant at Northamptonshire theatre

Darren Walter, Kym Symes and Paul Hewer at the new Franks restaurant at The Castle theatre in Wellingborough
Darren Walter, Kym Symes and Paul Hewer at the new Franks restaurant at The Castle theatre in Wellingborough

A new restaurant has helped create jobs as well as increase the turnover of food and drink at a county theatre.

Franks took over the running of the bar and the cafe at The Castle theatre in Wellingborough in September.

I highly recommend it

Cllr Tom Partidge-Underwood

In just two months, they have increased sales of food and drink three-fold and have created 10 new jobs for the town, as well as transferring 15 staff over to the new venture.

Last night saw the official opening of the new restaurant, with local suppliers and businesses invited to see the changes made by Franks.

Cllr Tom Partridge-Underwood from Wellingborough Council, who has been involved with The Castle since before the theatre was even built, attended the official opening and said: “I highly recommend it.”

Kym Symes, group manager for Franks Hamburger House, said the restaurant serves a range of burgers, but added: “There are other options too, including smaller portions for smaller appetites.”

Franks, which already has three restaurants in Northampton and one in Towcester, was brought in to take over the running of the bar and to open a new on-site restaurant as catering was an area of concern for the theatre, with figures for 2014-15 showing a £16,000 decrease on the previous year.

Theatre director Darren Walter said the response to Franks opening there had been really positive so far, and he said it was helping bring in the younger demographic of people that they struggle to attract to the theatre.

Mr Walter said the partnership with Franks was working well, with the restaurant promoting what’s on at the theatre and information about the food and drink offering being given to theatre-goers.

From January, there will be offers at Franks for anyone going to the theatre’s comedy night.

Franks is also keen to support and use local suppliers, including Hart Family Brewers of Wellingborough, Saxby’s Cider of Farndish and Farringtons Mellow Yellow oils of Hargrave.

For more information go to www.tomhewer.com or call 01604 948904.