Pensioner tied up and hit in face with hammer during robbery

An elderly man who was tied up and hit in the face with a hammer during a robbery at his Northampton home has said he wants to see his attacker caught and sent to jail for a long time.

Ian McCann, of St James, was at home on Sunday, shortly after 8am when he heard a noise at the back door of his property.

Ian Mccann was attacked with a hammer in his home.

Ian Mccann was attacked with a hammer in his home.

The 83-year-old went to investigate and was confronted by a man wearing a balaclava who demanded money from him.

The robber then pushed Mr McCann onto a sofa and ripped the telephone off the wall, before using the cord to tie the pensioner’s hands behind his back.

He then demanded money again from Mr McCann and hit the pensioner on the head with a hammer before stealing £60 from his wallet.

The robber also took Mr McCann’s debit card and demanded the pin number.

The robber also threatened to kill Mr McCann’s chihuahua dog, called Double, if it did not stop barking.

Before leaving, the robber put something over Mr McCann’s face and put two cushions in front of his head.

After the robber had left, Mr McCann managed get his hands free and knocked on his neighbour’s door, and they called the police.

Mr McCann said: “This man is very dangerous and must be stopped.

“I’m mad about what has happened and I want to see him caught and sent to jail for a long time.”

Despite suffering heavy bruising to his face as a result of the robbery, Mr McCann, who served in Hong Kong in 1949-50 with the army, said he was not going to let it get him down.

He said: “I’m not going to let it affect the way that I live. My motto is ‘don’t get mad, get even’.”

Mr McCann is well-known in the St James area of Northampton as is a former secretary of the St James Residents’ Association. He also ran for a seat on Northampton Borough Council in 2003. Mr McCann lost to Labour’s candidate Terry Wire by two votes in the election.