Organiser of loud fireworks display in Sixfields apologises for distress to pets and young children but says she “did it for love”

Sixfields fireworks display. Picture by Kim Rourke.
Sixfields fireworks display. Picture by Kim Rourke.

The organiser of a large fireworks display in the Sixfields area of Northampton has apologised for the distress caused to children and young families.

Dozens of people contacted the Chron after loud bangs were heard across the town, and as far as Towcester, at about 9.30pm on Tuesday night.

Writing on the Chronicle & Echo’s Facebook page, Joey Millar said she wanted to clear up the mystery behing the loud bangs and said they had come from a fireworks display he organsied to celebrate his partner’s 30th birthday.

Ms Millar said: “I’m lucky enough to have an award winning firework company as a friend who put on the fantastic show.

“My only regret would be the distress caused to pets and young families, but the chance to make a loved one feel like a princess for five and a half minutes is priceless.”