Opposition parties question report which reveals 94 percent are happy with roadwork repairs

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Northamptonshire County Council has refused to change how roadworks are monitored, despite cynicism over a survey that revealed 94 per cent of people were happy with repairs carried out.

During a meeting of the full county council, Lib Dem politicians called for the process to be re-evaluated after a positive report into customer satisfaction in Northampton.

The motion followed a request by the highways company, MGWSP, to extend its multi-million pound contract with the council, using the figures to show that it provided a good value service to the county.

But the Lib Dems argued that the figure was too high to be credible and that the council should take more responsibility for assessing public work funded by the taxpayer.

A spokesman said that the customer survey was delivered to households shortly after any work had been carried out, meaning it did not take into account longevity of repairs, opinions on the general state of roads in the town, or the opinions of residents where work had not been done.

Councillor Brendan Glynane (Lib Dem, Delapre & Rushmere) said: “Even if information provided by contractors is accurate, it is desperately incomplete.

“We want to see companies that are receiving significant financial benefits from contracts completely removed from the process of deciding whether that contract is working and is good value for money. The county council has a specialist unit for collecting and analysing data so why is it not being used here?”

But the motion was outvoted by Labour and Conservative councillors.

Councillor Winston Strachan (Lab, Castle) said: “It is the responsibility of the supplier, not the purchaser, to make sure that contracted work is being assessed properly.”