Weariness of the London Midland rail driver...

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London Midland hasn’t had much to smile about of late, what with all the problems they’ve faced (from “acts of God”, such as Monday’s landslide, to the more fundamental issue of driver shortages which has led to 1,000 cancellations in two months).

On Saturday, they had Binners barking at them about Northampton being treated like ‘a hick town’ when it comes to rail services (and he may have a point).

All of this was encapsulated somewhat by the experiences of one of our snouts travelling home on a late slow train on Monday.

The loudspeaker designed to tell passengers where they are was somewhat unhelpfully back to front, prompting passengers alighting at Wolverton to be told they were getting off at Harrow & Wealdstone. The weariness of the London Midland driver who had to correct the automatic announcements, said it all...

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