It’s a Kraken good way to blow some of our cash...

GOOD blogging by xSPcTCxMP (Ind) highlighting the very real threat posed to the county’s waterways,

at least if a Plod leaflet on “Project Kraken” is anything to go by.

Tony was flicking through the said flyer which we’ve all paid for and which, in a roundabout way, warns us against the threat of an Al Qaeda strike using the Nene.

It urges us to be on our guard against “evasive answers to common boating questions” or “persons walking around the vessel independent of each other, taking notes ostensibly on operations and meeting as a group after their observations are recorded to compare notes”.

Better still, the Plod is also launching “Project Pegasus”, warning us of terrorist activity at our international airports (er, Sywell).

As Tony says: “Now, of course, terrorism is no joke... but in times of austerity and competing pressures on police funding is Project Kraken and their combined leaflet and video spend really a top priority in Britain’s most landlocked county?”