One Direction-backed Pop star Tich returns to her old school in Northampton

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A young pop star who has supported Justin Bieber and JLS has returned to her old school in Northampton to play a concert for the pupils,

Tich, a 20-year-old singer-songwriter who can count One Direction among her fans, has also played with Little Mix and Olly Murs.

She returned to Northampton High School today to play a show for some of her youngest fans, in the final week of the school term.

Tich has played more than 100 shows since last June, to combined audiences in excess of 100,000, while her debut single Dumb entered the UK singles chart at number 23.

Tich, who left in 2009, quipped on stage that her time at the school had “taught her to hold doors open for people”.

Speaking to the Chron about her time at the school, she said: “In some ways I was quite reclusive, and just went into the practice rooms at lunchtime. It was a way of getting through school.

“It has always been in me - I had my first piano lesson when I was six.

“I really wanted to get good marks in academic subjects, so I got my head down, because I always knew I could do this when I left.

“That is what is incredible about this school. If I had gone somewhere else I would have been a tyrant! It definitely reigned me in.

“It really grounds you, and helps you prepare for what is a tough business. I worry a lot, and it is about teaching yourself just to enjoy it.”

Talking about her career and the people she has played with, she said: “I don’t think I am at the beginning - I will always be moving the start line, because I always strive for bigger things.

“It is really fun. I am very lucky. I look at the list [of people I’ve supported], and I’m not quite sure how I got to perform with these incredible people.

“I look at how they cope with a really demanding schedule. Some days it is really hard, with people pulling you in different directions, and you just want time to ring your mum.”

Tich is performing at festivals in the UK this summer, before embarking on a European tour in September, and a UK tour in October - which will include a homecoming show in Northampton.

She now lives in London but comes back to visit her parents in Northampton as often as she can.




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