Northamptonshire Villagers give The White Queen ‘the wedding she should have had’

A recreation of the secret wedding of Elizabeth Woodville to King Edward IV has been held in Grafton Regis.

The event - where village actors played the likes of The White Queen, former villager Elizabeth Woodville, as well as Kings Edward VI, Richard III and Henry VIII - marked the 550th anniversary of the secret union at Grafton Wydeville, as Grafton Regis was then called.

The wedding, which took place in secret, was attended by only a handful of people. However, Monday’s recreation at the Church of St Mary the Virgin was a very different affair, with standing room only for visitors, who were treated to lively recitals of early choral music in the form of a wedding concert by the visiting Sands Cryers of Woburn Sands

A spokesman for the event said: “This gives Elizabeth the wedding she should have had.The event comprises a concert featuring the Sands Cryers, who specialise in medieval choral music, and a costume drama involving local performers.”

Sonia Baker, mum-in-law to Henry VIII and other players, said: “This is all about our community and the forgotten history of where we are living - and apart from anything else the acoustics are phenomenal and it brings the church to life.”