Northamptonshire man receives British Empire Medal for services to golf

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A man from Northamptonshire has collected his British Empire Medal for services to golf.

Martin Izzard was announced as a recipient of the award in the New Year’s Honour’s list.

He has now received his medal at a ceremony held at the Guildhall in Northampton.

Mr Izzard was recognised for his services to golf through the Northamptonshire Golf Partnership, which he chairs and which has introduced hundreds of new players to the game in the county.

Martin, who is involved in golf at club, county and national level, said: “I know other honours get presented at Buckingham Palace, but the Guildhall in our county town is just fine for me.

“I don’t see the medal as being for me, really, it’s for Northamptonshire golf, and if this raises the profile of the sport here just a little bit more then that’s fantastic.”

Although Mr Izzard did not receive his medal from a member of the Royal Family, he was not disappointed.

He said: “Just a few days later there was a garden party at Buckingham Palace to which all the latest British Empire Medal recipients were invited. So I did get my special day at the palace in the end.”

Mr Izzard has has been a member of Northampton Golf Club for more than 40 years. He is a trustee of the club and a past captain. He has been County President and recently retired after 26 years on the county’s executive committee. 
He said: “It’s such a good game in so many ways: There’s the friendship and camaraderie, it’s good for you and gets you outside in the countryside, and it teaches you about dealing with the ups and downs of life.”