Northampton’s Lift Tower will get Christmas lights

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The manager of Northampton’s Lift Tower has pledged that its traditional Christmas tree will light up the sky this evening, with five days to go before the big day.

The appearance of the festive lights at the top of the 418ft tower, off Weedon Road, have been a Christmas tradition in Northampton for many years.

But after the tree failed to arrive at the top of the tower so close to Christmas day, many people in the town became concerned it may not be put up this year.

However, lift tower manager, Ed Wright, has pledged that the tree will go up by this evening, with better lights than ever.

He said: “There’s been a delay with putting the lights up because we’ve been refurbishing the display so the lights will be different this year to previous years.

“ It’s going to be a surprise for everyone.

“We know the lights on the top of the lift tower are a tradition for Northampton and we are looking forward to getting them up so people can come and see them.”

Mr Wright added that the lights on the tower, which was opened 30 years ago, would stay up until the twelfth night of Christmas, on January 5.

Northampton Borough Councillor Terry Wire, (Labour, St James) said he was looking forward to seeing the new display go up in time for Christmas.

He said: “I think it’s great for the town that the lift tower has the Christmas lights up every year.

“I know people associate Northampton with its lift tower, it is a key landmark in the town.

“And as I represent St James, where the lift tower is, I will be very pleased to see the lights go up.

“I think it’s always nice to see something different, so I am looking forward to seeing the new display.”

Discussing the tower’s national profile, he added: “The lift tower is definitely iconic for Northampton and seeing it lit up will help to get everyone 
in the Christmas spirit this week.

“I would also think that people driving past Northampton would be able to see the lights from quite a distance, which is nice.”

A large number of Northampton residents contacted the Chronicle & Echo over the past week to ask why the Christmas lights had not yet gone on the top of the Lift Tower.

Comments made to the newspaper on both Facebook and Twitter included:

AndyDMarlow “I’m very disappointed in the Lift Tower. No Christmas tree this year. #disgrace”

Pinkladyapril: “Does anyone know what has happened to the lift tower Christmas Tree? I haven’t seen it this year”

Jodie Stafford: “I can’t believe all the money that has been spent lighting up the tower with lazers but they haven’t put the Christmas tree on this year... do you know why ?”