Northampton home targeted in arson attack “two minutes” away from exploding

Two petrol bombs were thrown at a house in Northampton
Two petrol bombs were thrown at a house in Northampton
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The owner of a Northampton home targeted in an arson attack says she was told by firefighters that if the blaze had been left another “two minutes” the property may have exploded.

Naomi and Michael Parkes were asleep in their home in Kingsthorpe, on the evening of Tuesday, September 27, when two beer bottles containing flaming rags were thrown at their lawn and a van parked beside the house.

Two petrol bombs were thrown at a house in  Northampton

Two petrol bombs were thrown at a house in Northampton

The van was set alight and the flames spread up the side of their house.

A neighbour who saw the blaze called Northants Fire & Rescue and the couple were alerted to the fire shortly after midnight.

The fire brigade were on the scene within a few minutes and managed to extinguish the flames before the house was completely set alight.

Mrs Parkes, aged 30, said a firefighter told her the couple were particularly fortunate that the fire did not quite reach a gas pipe on the side of the property, which could have caused a major explosion.

She said: “We were told if it had been another two minutes the house would have exploded.

“I feel that whoever did this needs to be found. There is no reason why anyone would want to do this to us, we have no grievances with anyone.

“This was a threat to two people’s lives. It is a very spiteful crime.”

Ms Parkes said a neighbour saw a man on a bicycle shortly after the fire was put out, who may know something about the blaze.

He is described as wearing a grey hooded tracksuit, Puma hat, Lonsdale trousers and riding a bike with a bag wrapped around the handlebars.

Ms Parkes said she had made a complaint to Northamptonshire Police because she said officers had not carried out door to door enquiries until eight days after the alleged arson attack.

A Northamptonshire Police spokesperson said police are attended at approximately 3.30am to take an initial report of the incident and a scenes of crime officer attended the following morning.

Anyone with any information about the arson attack is asked to call Northamptonshire Police on 101.